Machines run on gold coins: $1 and $2 coins.
On the weekends bring enough coins as the laundry is not staffed.

Front Loader detergent ONLY must be used in front loaders.  Incorrect powder will result in excessive suds.

Top Loading Washing Machines are $8 a wash
Machines will take a standard sized washing basket of domestic laundry – clothes, linen, etc.   For the best wash, loosely fill to allow agitator to move freely.

Industrial 11kg Front Loading Washing Machine is $14 a wash
Designed for large bulky items such as blankets, doonas and mattress protectors and items too large for the top-loaders.

Do not try to force large doonas into the smaller washing machines as they will not wash and the machine will go out of balance.

Front Loader 8.5kg are $8 a wash
A combination of $1 and $2 coins can be used in these machines.   Machines will hold one full washing basket.

Dryers: $1 for 5 minutes drying time.  Average dry will cost $5 to $6.  When drying put one washing machine load into one dryer.

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